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Making money from home is for many of us just a nice dream. And yet, it is a dream that can become reality. People who succeeded demonstrate it. It is no doubt that ClickBank is one of the largest and oldest digital product markets today. The sales generated by this network extends to several hundred million dollars each year.

What does the affiliate mean? You, as a blogger, team up with someone who has products for sale and you get a commission for each sale.

Obviously, all the work is done at home, and if everything goes well, you’ll soon be able to say “bye-bye” to your boss. Every time someone buys, through your affiliate link, you get a fixed commission. It represents a certain percent (depending on the price or category of the product). It’s not as complicated as it seems, many people being actively involved in affiliate marketing.

Product: ClickBank
Price: Free to join
Potential income: up to 75% commissions
Recommended:  ??

How does Clickbank work?

ClickBank is a marketplace that allows you to make easy money on the internet by promoting their products. These digital products (electronic books, computer programs, tutorials, etc.) are offered for sale by others companies or people called “product creators”.

To be able to start promoting those products available on ClickBank, you first need to create an account. Then choose the product (or products) that best fit your own site niche. For example, if you own a cooking site, choose to promote eBooks about it. Or find blogs, Facebook groups who are interested in cooking as a hobby.
You may use social networking as Facebook, YouTube, post on blogs or forums. You can create your own blog/website to describe the product/service and include your affiliate link in it.

If you want to create your own blog and increase your chances of earnings, then take a look at this Wealthy Affiliate review. It will open up more opportunities, you will learn how to get a full-time online income from your blog. Not only does it provide you with the necessary information but also with the tools you need. But we let you discover all the benefits of this platform.

Don`t want to create a blog?

(although we do not know why you don`t want, takes a few minutes and sometimes is free.)
You can earn decent amounts without a website or without writing on a blog. Find more information in this post How To Use Google Alerts Like A Pro.


Steps to follow for a free ClickBank affiliate link

  1. Think ahead of an ID, it will be the one that will be associated with all of your ClickBank links; You will have to register with your real home address, cards banks account because it`s something you won`t change later. And all the payments are made to that account address.
  2. Select the products you like to promote. Use filters to select your products: by sales commission, by gravity (i.e. the percentage of generated sales), or the product’s popularity.
  3. Once you’ve selected your product, click “Promote”. A new window opens in which you will need to fill in your ID and thus you get your affiliate link associated with your ClickBank account. Copy it because with it you will work from now on.
  4. Promote the affiliate link through your favorite channels

The good part in promoting digital products?

If physical products give you 2%, 5% 10% or, at best, 15%, informational products provide a record percentage of over 40%, 50%. Why? Physical products have costs associated with them, which is why those who sell them do not afford to pay more to their affiliates.

Depending on the niche you are in, you need to see what kind of products you can sell and whom. To be correct with your referrals, you always should test the products to avoid getting caught in scams. Because there are many complaints about the products on ClickBank. It is best that after you choose the product you ask for a sample or buy it. In this way, you’re being fair with your readers.


  1. How to choose the product with the greatest conversion rate – Gravity. Search a product by Gravity: This refers to the number of affiliates that sold that product.
  2. Shorten your affiliate link for a better conversion; there are many websites that do this for free.

Pros of ClickBank

  • Promotion of the affiliate link can be done anywhere, it is not a must to have a site. Social media, forums, and more works fine for them.
  • The commissions offered are usually 50% up, which is not negligible
  • Products offered by the marketplace are nicely structured on niche categories, which makes it easier to search and choose the products to promote
  • Worldwide opportunity
  • The payment process is well-done by ClickBank; cash-out weekly
  • You set yours withdraws
  • The products offered for sale included the 60-Day Online Return Guarantee and ClickBank deals with its complaints.
  • Features; like earnings calculator, sales tools, affiliate finders, management products


  • It is easy to use and make money with this Clickbank marketplace, most affiliates start here so it`s competition
  • When you withdraw an amount of cash you will not receive it in full due to Return Allowance. Since for the 60-day guarantee, ClickBank holds an amount of money in the event of the sold product return. Standard is 10%. This amount of money will be returned to your account in 12 weeks.
  • In order to receive your commissions, you must make 5 sales with different forms of payment.
  • If you don`t use your account or have no commissions on it, you`re pay of: from $1/90 days inactivity to $50/365 days of inactivity.
  • There are products that are not what they seem, inform well about a product. If you want to make a wealthy income finding quality products is essential.

How do you receive your commissions from ClickBank?

Direct deposit, Payoneer, check or wire transfer. ClickBank’s commission rate ranges from 5% to 75%, depending on the promoted product.


Clickbank is definitely a good affiliate program to start earning your first commissions. As far as payment, Clickbank always pays. Being a marketplace, some products are not what it appears. For this reason, there are good chances to promote bad quality products. Always inform yourself before you start promoting your products. The commissions will be based on the work done. After all, Clickbank will provide the way to get passive income online.

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