MusicXray- Earn Money By Listening to Music? claims that you can get paid for listening to music. So if you are looking or more information about whether this is a scam or a legit opportunity you are in the right place. is a music website that allows music fans to earn money by listening to music and helps new artists to build a worldwide fan base.

Name: Music Xray
Owner: Mike McCready
Price: $0, Free to Join
Verdict: Not Recommended

MusicXray is not a scam but it`s a website we don`t recommend because they don’t send enough songs to reach the cashout amount, so it’s hard to get the minimum earning for a $ 20 withdrawal. Therefore it may take you more than a year to reach the withdrawal limit. Continue reading “MusicXray- Earn Money By Listening to Music?”

Is A Scam?

Are Empowr earnings real? Is Empowr a legit business? Or is a scam? Can You Really Get Paid To Like Posts?



Here you will find your answer about Empowr and hopefully, you will understand what Empowr really is.

  • Name:; used to be known as Fanbox and Project Uplift
  • Website:
  • Price: Free but they need your account details for additional fee
  • Owners: No Name in WHOIS
  • Needed: An e-mail and a PayPal account.
  • Minim cash out: 1$
  • Recommended: NO

Continue reading “Is A Scam?”

3 Internet Scams – Be Nobody`S Fool


The biggest internet scams can have the most various forms! Find out which are the most common, to know how to protect yourself!
Ponzi schemes and pyramid systems have recently moved over the Internet. Whether they work in the form of PTCs, HYIPs, MLMs, or other forms, these systems try to take advantage of people’s naivety and greed.

In order not to be the victim of these scams, you need to be well informed, and most important: be skeptical about an opportunity that sounds too good to be real. Continue reading “3 Internet Scams – Be Nobody`S Fool”

How To Detect Online Scams


A scam is a dishonest scheme designed to cheat and leave you of your money. Statistics show that most people get scammed online at some point. There are ways to check a website legitimacy. Here you will find the warning signs that will help you check if a site is a scam, so you do not get caught in a scam situation. Continue reading “How To Detect Online Scams”