CashPirate – A Fake App Or A Great Concept?

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Not sure how you can earn money using the CashPirate app? Here we talk about everything involving this application. No, you will not look for treasures nor will you rob ships. Risks are minimal, just downloading apps, viewing ads, and answering surveys. Let’s see if CashPirate is fake or is a great way to make cash online.

Obviously, if it doesn`t involve a treasure hunting the winnings are not extraordinary. You will earn points that can later be exchanged for iTunes, Steam, Amazon vouchers or PayPal money.

CashPirate designed by ayeT Studios, has 12.000.000 installs and has collaborated with 6.000 advertisers so it strengthens its credibility.

 How to gain money as a CashPirate

Download CashPirate for Android or iOS from authorized stores and sign up. Pretty easy, just an e-mail account and a password.

All you have to do is install apps or games daily for which you get points (coins). All apps you install are from Google Play or Apple Store. Points can be converted into money. Conversion for 2500 points is $2.5. You can withdraw through PayPal; the minimum payment is $2.50 (2500 points).










To see what offers you get for down, click the “Earn $$” button and there will be more offers for you. Usually, from the first offer come most of the applications and games. For most applications or games, you get 57 to 90 coins. There are games or applications for which you get 1500 coins. But you must keep on the phone or tablet for at least 3 days. There are games that require reaching certain levels or completing missions’ levels.

CashPirate Offers

Pirate Picks

Has games app and surveys, the points start from 25 coins. To receive surveys, you need to update your profile with personal data.

Trial Pay is a tricky one because although most apps are free there are some you need to pay monthly. Like this app “I love Mobi” (phone`s contents: ringtones, wallpapers, text alerts) who offers 500 points to download. But you have to pay a fee of approximately 5$/month.

AdColony – This option is only for watching a few short videos for 2 – 5 coins each.

SponsorPay- Has apps, videos, and register for some sites offers. The points are somewhere between 25 and 1575 coins.

Their referral`s system

You can earn more if you invite people to use the application with your referral code. When a person uses your code to join, you get 10% of their earnings and 5% of their referrals earnings. Your code will offer 500 bonus coins for each person as a gift.

What we don`t like at CashPirate

Many apps have the bad habit of running in the background, which over-agglomerates the internal memory and RAM of your phone so you better have a special phone for this app;

You will not always get points from downloading Sponsors or Trial pay apps;

This app isn`t useful for earning money online. You need to spend many hours and download lots of apps to get the minimum withdraw. The key to increasing your gainings is their referrals system and start promoting them. It`s more likely for teenagers and people who spend all day on their phone;

You invest too much time to win $2, you earn 25 points for an application, so to raise 2500 you need some time.

He will not receive apps and videos every day

Even if is possible to get more points playing some app games, it’s not easy at all; these games have many ads, so to get to level 12 in a game you need a lot of patience.

Is it legit?

Yes, CashPirate pays every time someone requests a payment. It pays via PayPal when you have at least $2,5. Or redeem the coins into gifts card that can later be used for shopping in their partner’ stores. To make sure there is no problem with receiving the points you must let the app run for 5 minutes.
Your earnings are bigger if you use references; from $2,5/person withdraw you`ll get $0,25. So 100 referrals will make you $25. There is not good money for someone who wants to work from home. It not possible to pay your bills or “bread” using this app.
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