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Do you know English well? Then this is your chance to make money online. Chatting with foreigners on Cambly put money in your bank account. Cambly is a site where native English speakers teach through Skype students all around the world. This company, Cambly, does not request an experience in teaching and they pay per minute. Also, you to set your own schedule so it’s up to you when and how many hours you`re tutoring.

NAME: Cambly
OWNER NAME: Cambly, Inc.
Price: Free
Earnings: $0.17/minute
Available: Worldwide/native English
Recommended: Legit

What is Cambly?

Cambly is a platform that unites two types of people: people who wish to learn/improve English and native English tutors. What’s different about this company? They believe you can learn a new language faster if you’re trained by a native speaker, all through conversations. These native speakers’ tutors will improve existing skills and help practice conversation via webcam chat. Yes, tutoring on Cambly it`s all about learning subtleties and accents via video chatting. The lessons take place on Skype and involve usually private session with one student for a personalized learning experience. Their services are available 24/7 so you can decide when it’s fit you.

What do you need to get started?

  1. Be a native English speaker
  2. Access to a fast internet speed
  3. Skype account
  4. Be sociable and great interacting with people

What`s the job about?

Once you`ve created your id, pretty simple, you have also the option to create it with the Facebook account, you need to record a 2-5 minute video. In this way, Cambly test the tutor’s language level to guarantee his/her quality. You just have to describe yourself in few minutes, what you like, what you do, who you are. In addition to that, you also have to include a short biography. And that’s it, they reply back usually in 1 day. It is not necessary to have a qualification or experience in teaching English.

After all that you`ll enter into your dashboard account. Here you`ll see when students ask for a tutor. It’s exciting because you have the chance to meet all kind of people from different places. You get to speak with someone from Nepal, Morocco, or the Philippines.

A Skype account is required for the lessons to take place online. Another great thing is that you can teach someone from a smartphone. The mandatory requirement is a high-speed connection. If the Wi-Fi of your phone is too slow for a tutoring session, you will receive a bad note. A bad constant rating will eventually end up your collaboration with Cambly. They will close your account if their issues with your performance.

The lessons are structured as a free conversation. You can whether talk about the weather, about what movies students like basically about any subject. Or there may be students who want help preparing for a particular test or learning grammar through conversation.

You should know that students have the option to record the session. Cambly provides also tools; a translation software for students to use when they’re stuck on something and a library with suggestions for tutors lessons.

Priority Hours

Cambly does not impose a limit on your program, they let you choose your own hours. If you prefer working night shifts you can. There are students all over the planet so time is not a problem.

However, there is an option for priority hours; set an hour when you`re always online and get directly appeals from priority students. However choose your Priority Hour carefully; once you set it up and you aren`t online for lessons calls, Cambly will close your account for a week. Also, you have a 5 minutes break per hour.

About the program and the money

Flexible schedule is a great thing about Cambly; work from anywhere when you want, night or day, 2 hours, 5 hours or full-time program.

They pay 0.17/minute so if you get to take a one-hour session with a student you`ll make $10.2. For a person who is a native English speaker and loves “chatters”, this will be easy money. It takes 5 minutes of a session to guarantee your payments per hour. Because there are 5 minutes free sessions for students, you`ll be paid only by tutoring those who pay.

Withdrawing money requires a PayPal account and a minimum of $20 in your Cambly account. How much money you make online depends on you, and on the time you spend tutoring online.

Cambly is a legit company that pays quickly and fits those who are good English speakers and wants to make an extra income in their spare time. It is more than just an acceptable source of income, it is an intercultural learning experience where you will find life stories and new customs. It’s like talking to a new friend from another country totally different from yours. If you like to socialize and always meet new people, Cambly helps you earn money from this. You have to be aware that you will not always get to work hours to gain an acceptable income. Even if you are not willing to chat with strangers or want to make more than $10 per hour, there are other opportunities.

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We hope this information can help you make an income online. If you have any further questions we`ll be glad to answer it

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