Appen Review – Legit Part-Time Work From Home Job

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Appen-review-remote-jobHave you ever thought about a legitimate work from home job? To earn money without leaving your bed? If you`re interested to start your career as a remote worker, freelancer or digital nomad Appen may be your place to start.
Whether you have management experience or you are pretty good at social media, or your type speed is high, Appen is a website where you can sign up for paid projects. Let’s see it all!

 Appen`s global network?

Appen is a company created in 1997, which offers linguistic solutions, social media platforms, search engines evaluation and more to customers such as Microsoft, IBM, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Toshiba, and others.

What Appen offers are plenty home working opportunities, namely 18 job categories are available on their site. Appen had acquired Leapforce Inc., the leading provider of home-work services from Silicon Valley, California. The company has become the leader of remote jobs global, having over one million employees in 130 countries. Jobs as:

Social media evaluator column
Web search evaluators
Project assistant
Information Technology
Native speaker
Pronunciation Specialist
Finance & Accounting
Data collection
Speech Evaluator


Name: Appen
Available: 130 countries
Potential income: depending on job, project, country; it`s a contract work
Price: Free to apply
Recommended:  ??

Working at Appen

To work on a project, you need to sign up on their website. Step 2 involves uploading a resume. Besides, you have the option to direct fill in your professional data on the site without sending a CV document. The next step is to choose the job you want, apply it by providing the required information. You get a response in a few days. If your accepted will need to pass something like a test, to demonstrate you`ll work in a proper way. You will receive guidelines before the test to study it. And that’s all.


How long do you work on a project?

It all depends on the projects, somewhere between:

1- 4 hours a day, 5 days a week, no more than 40 hours a week.

Sometimes for social media evaluator, for examples, you`ll have to work 1 day over the weekend.
One of the jobs is Social Media Evaluator, it is part-time for a short period of time (that depends on project). Work involves your presence in social media 4 hours/day, five days a week.
A plus is that you may take more than one contract at the same time. Of course, it depends on how well you handle it.

What does Social Media Evaluator mean?

Improve a company’s news feeds and her presence online. You will post, pin, snap, tweet and of course you will take full advantage the like button. For someone who is not interested in social media, a project like this may be stressful. But if you spend hours on social media and are up to date with the latest social networks, you earn money working at home.
Depending on the project, you need to provide additional information, such as the social accounts you use and their addresses.

Good to know:

Contract work- involves jobs available for a certain period of time – for example, some companies can hire contract workers for a large project for several months or a few weeks.

To qualify for a project:

  • Have a permitted work in that country
  • To have a computer, speakers, or/and a smartphone newer than 3 years at least
  • A high-speed internet connection
  • Good English skills/and of course another language if you opt for the project in countries like Japan, India,
  • Be good working with a computer’s software, applications


Payment is based on project and program. You may work in 1 and 4 hours a day, 20 hours a week or 5-7 days a week. On average, for most jobs, the pay is $13 per hour. For example, as a social media evaluator, you earn 9$- $14/hour and for a search engine evaluator somewhere between $5 and $16/hour. Crowdsourcing jobs are paid at a rate per hit. As for Social Media Analyst may go up to a few thousand.

The pros:

  • Work at home on your pace
  • Flexible hours, you can choose the time you work every day
  • Part-time job
  • Working for a global company
  • Earn an average of $200 a week for the work you do
  • The right choice if you are a freelancer, a student or a mother

The cons:

  • Due to a contract work, taxes you pay for yourself, from your own money
  • You won`t make a regular income, you may work even 2 weeks on a project.
  • Training materials are not updated, often instruction is cut
  • Problems with their software, they have frequently system errors

Final thoughts

Any skill or ability can become a job, any passion can turn into a wealthy source of income. Because in nowadays labor market means a faster contact between the service provider and the job seeker.
If you are looking for a decent part-time job that can bring you a decent income, take a look at this company Appen. Appen is a legit company, internationally recognized who pays on time and always. The sign-up process is easy, although it may take several weeks for you to get an answer. The payment is decent, you will not get a full-time income unless you commit to several projects at the same time.

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What’re your thoughts about Appen?

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