A Beginner`s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

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affiliate marketing guide


Have you ever wondered what affiliate marketing is? And how do those using this method manage to be filthy rich? Would you like to make money from online affiliate marketing but don’t manage to get your thoughts together and put together a strategy that works?

Do you want to make money online from home?

Or maybe just working in your spare time, besides the 9 to 5 job you already have!

Or, why not, become your main job!

Well, we have good news!

Affiliate marketing is the perfect solution!

You are in the right place because this post will enlighten you about some aspects of affiliate marketing.


If you’ve been interacting with this way of making money, then you’ve probably realized that all these people, who make a lot of money online in this way, have access to information you do not have … and precisely the wealth of knowledge is what makes the difference between those who make money from affiliate marketing and those who do not succeed in it.

The place where you can learn affiliate marketing strategies and which we recommend 100% is called Wealthy Affiliate and you can find more details about it by clicking it. If you don`t know where to start this affiliate marketing beginners guide will explain exactly what affiliate marketing is and how to use affiliate networks to promote products. It does not matter in what stage you are, you will find help to understand what is in detail affiliate marketing, how to create a strategy for an online business or even marketing in general – professionally.

What is affiliate marketing guide

Let’s say you own a website about toys and send an X number of visitors to certain websites that sell toys. If one of those visitors sent through your website buys a product, You receives a special commission. That means you did affiliate marketing.best-affiliate-marketing-guide

All you have to do is to connect the customer and the seller, and …


… you will earn money from this!

Briefly, affiliate marketing involves:

  • To choose your niche and the products you want to promote
  • Sign up for affiliate programs and get your unique links
  • Bring traffic and makes sales through your affiliate links

Why do we recommend affiliate marketing

  • It is a very attractive method for people who want to make money online, working from home or just for those who want to make an extra money next to a job with the possibility that the activity can become full time.
  • Because it costs no one extra money and is a win-win situation for everyone. The customer pays the same amount of money, the affiliate receives a commission, and the product owner sells his products. Everyone is happy.
  • Those who already do affiliate marketing on their blog can make hundreds of dollars by just providing some affiliate links on their blog pages, creating a good passive income.
  • There is no fee or cost to join the affiliate programs – register in such programs is free, just like the choice of the product or products to be promoted.
  • It’s a recurring earnings method, you do not have to invest additional time in promoting products in order to make any money online.
  • It is an easy way to make money when you have an audience that trusts you and would buy products that you recommend them.
  • Once a user has accessed your link, a cookie with your affiliate code is set in his browser. If the user within 30 days (period may be different depending on the program) does not access the link of another person who makes affiliate marketing, you will get a commission from the sales generated by your link.

How an Affiliate Program works


To make “good” money from affiliate marketing, you need whether a personal blog that deals with general topics but has thousands of readers/day, or you start to easily build a niche blog, where with an active community of even 100 Affiliate-Marketing-Guide-for-Beginnerspeople/day, you can sometimes earn more than just your friends gain at their current job!

To succeed, you have to work and follow this important steps.

I’ll show you a step-by-step affiliate marketing guide that you can go through up to your first sale! So here we go!


Choose A Niche

A niche blog is a blog that focuses on a particular topic. Let’s assume you are passionate about sports and you have been practicing hockey for a very long time. How many beginners in hockey do you think are in the world? Definitely millions! And most of them are looking to buy equipment, a stick, skates, clothing, however, they do not know what to choose from the multitudinous choices available on the online market. And you can be the one who provides them a dedicated blog with all the information they need to know, before deciding on purchases and possibly recommending some models according to their preferences and your affiliate program.

Also, if you like fashion and you are always dressed in trend, maybe a good idea would be a fashion blog to teach others how to dress. In your articles, you can insert some affiliate links to the online stores where your visitors can find the products you promote. Earnings will show up definitely.

Before creating a niche blog, you need to keep in mind two things!

You have to choose a subject that you are good at and you are passionate about it, so you can build a site, an audience because would be easier for you to convince your potential customers that what you recommend will really make their lives easier, and will really solve their problems.

Why is it important?

Because if you are not passionate about the subject, you will probably have the intention to abandon that blog. And how constraint love is not possible, you will probably do it: you will abandon it!

The second thing is to find a website with physical or digital products that you can promote. You need to learn more about their affiliate program how much is the commission they offer, what is the sales rate and how much money you will make.

It`s useless if you are passionate about a niche, you are making a blog, but then you find there are no affiliate programs profitable in that niche.

Research potential affiliate products and services

Now that you have chosen a niche, you must also choose the most money-making products that offer also quality. The level of trust your readers give to your blog, your blog authority, is the result of the recommendations you make. It is therefore extremely important to be fair-play with your readers, as an advertiser must be in the relationship with his affiliates.

In order to choose a profitable affiliate program, you need to be careful about certain aspects: you need to check out the program to ensure if it offers quality and that it has a good reputation for taking care of its customers, as well as its affiliates. You have to make sure that you, as an affiliate, or the customer have a place to turn to in case of problems, so you have to make sure that the affiliate marketing platform provides customer support.

Build a Websiteaffiliate-marketing-guide-blog

By far the easiest and most cost-effective way to promote affiliate marketing is building a website or a blog. Some affiliate marketers use social media such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter instead of a website. But this is something we will approach in another post.

To build your website you need to buy a domain. Domain name is actually the address where customers can find you. You have to choose a quality hosting service because the speed of your website is a very important aspect of your success online.

Don`t worry if you are a rookie and you don`t know where to start with a website, a training or how to find the best affiliate program, we all started out as a beginner.

You can find out everything from how to create a website, promoting it, SEO techniques, and finding the best affiliate products in a niche, by joining in this community, known as Wealthy Affiliate. You will get detailed training in affiliate marketing and everything you need to know about an online business.

Create quality content – add constant content, write exciting articles for your future readers.

Once you have purchased a hosting and installed WordPress (we will write about it), you will need to create content! Articles and media creation that bring you to your audience as an authority in that sector!

Now your real hard work begins!

Your goal is to create a trusted website in your niche and this is done by creating a post-by-post with quality content.

But how to do that?

Basically, you can write about the problems people have about the subject you choose. So you can offer them the perfect solutions (i.e the products). Or you can write reviews of certain products you promote either a single product or compare more products and present the differences between them.

From creating posts to searching how to optimize your blog there’s definitely not a long way. So, you’ll discover techniques for search engine optimization, also called SEO.

To attract visitors to your freshly released blog, without investing further money, SEO is a perfect solution! Be careful, always look for apply White Hat techniques if you want a constant position in search engines.

A starting point may be the support from Wealthy Affiliate platform. Remember that the difference between a super affiliate and affiliate opportunity it does, without a doubt, the knowledge and experience.

BUILD AN AUDIENCEaffiliate-marketing-guide-traffic

Building an audience for your site is essential, a curious and interested audience will increase traffic, and with traffic comes the money. Try to always keep in touch with you and readers, show them that you care about them. DO NOT show you as a merchant, but rather as a friend.


Basically, to be successful in affiliate marketing, you have to follow the same steps and do the same things you would do if you promote your own products.
Once you’ve built your blog and started receiving visits on it, money from affiliate marketing becomes a natural consequence of what you’ve built with little technic and an accurate strategy.
Your online earnings are in line with the efforts you made as an affiliate work. So if you work hard will make more recurring commissions.

The online gains are quite high, especially if the business process is done properly. That is why affiliate programs are very profitable to affiliates, so anyone who is interested has an excellent option to earn money online.


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