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There are a number of “recipes” on the internet that can already be used to make money online with a blog or website. Affiliate marketing is one of these recipes or better said it is one of the many ways bloggers have chosen to earn over the past years.

If you like to travel, to share your tricks and tips for those passionate to hit the road on how to get best deals regarding transport, bookings, and foods then a blog travel is your home business idea.

And what better way to monetize a travel blog than by signing up for specific niche travel affiliate programs. Relate your travel experience to those who go for the first time in some places around the world and make commissions from this.

So how do a niche travel blog can make enough money to sustain your journeys and your financial independence?

Owning and writing on niche blogging is a free, updated resource that helps you augment your income.

When you have a well catchy content on the niche travel business, you sign up for affiliate programs to use on your site or blog. This affiliation will generate commissions from the sales that your visitors have made.

If you`re a rookie and on starting an affiliate marketing business and don’t know how to make money using it, you`ll learn it within Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn to do your own blog through this platform: building a blog, niche travel research, editing and writing, SEO, social media, help with affiliate programs. Absolutely everything on how to monetize a niche blog.

In short, money comes from commissions: You put banners or links or widgets on your blog/ website/forum or social accounts and if someone clicks on them and clicks or buys a  service from that Travel Affiliate Programs, you get a commission.

Why a Travel Blog?

Because blogs are an important source of information. And in traveling, personal experience is extremely important. If it does not exist, those who buy tourist services will seek recommendations from friends, colleagues, and influential people from niche travel.

Safety and service quality are generally more important to the consumer than a lower price of a few dollars. Often, before they buy, customers visit 2-3 times the same site and consult with their family.

Build a blog, write about what you are passionate about, write about your experience, the things you’ve seen, interesting happenings, and so on. And after a while, you`ll start making money from your traffic, posted ads, affiliates programs.

As an affiliate partner, you will distribute the products and offers on social networking sites, like your niche travel blog, promote them in your knowledge circle, or on your niche travel Facebook page.

If a blog or a website has a very high visibility then affiliate marketing is the key to success. Your audience will look at the recommendations you make and will buy from the advertisers you mention.

You do not even have to travel to make money from niche travel, write about your city, the most beautiful places to visit, the most convenient hotels or the best restaurants.

Tips: a successful niche travel blog is the one specialized on a particular destination where the travel blog owner manages to provide complete information about a trip. Booking, flights, hotels, and suggestions on what to visit.

Which affiliate programs will help you monetize your travel blog?

The affiliate programs you`ll learn today are free, worldwide and don`t cost a dollar to associate with them. In most cases, commissions are only granted for Cost/Sale (Travel Cost), travel services that are bought but you`ll find ones that offer commissions per lead.

Whether you`re a digital nomad, own a travel blog or just thinking to start your blogging career here are the best 5 affiliate programs for a niche travel

1.      Kiwi.com travel affiliate program

Kiwi is a NON STOP booking online platform that sells fly tickets, through a unique flight search algorithm. They scan the aerial flights provided by over 700 lines around the world at a convenient price. It offers the possibility to create routes that are better than those using traditional flight search engines.

They offer also holiday packages (booking reservation, hotels, flights, transport, all in one foo), booking room and cars services. So it is an affiliate program that fits whatever sub-niche travel you choose to write on your diary travel.

Signup URL: https://www.kiwi.com

  1. Sign up for their affiliate program free
  2. Get your tracking affiliate id
  3. Put it on your niche travel blog
  4. Cash your commissions

Kiwi.com Affiliate Program:

  • 3% commission: commissions are gain on a sale done at Kiwi.com(you get your commissions even if a flight is canceled)
  • Vivid banners that display the advantage of booking with Kiwi.com
  • 30-days cookie period: your money will come from those who`ll buy a flight ticket in 30 days
  • Potential bonuses for performance: 25 sales on a month = $25 and 100 sales will bring another $100 to that 3%
  • Worldwide affiliate program
  • They pay monthly when

2.      Monetize your niche travel blog using Booking.com affiliate program

You probably know this website before, when you look for travel planning information or when booking a hotel via Booking.com. It is one of the largest travel booking accommodation websites, presenting over 1 million places to stay from all over the globe.

To join their program go to their homepage click on “Become an Affiliate” and will direct you on this page. It is a free program and you receive the confirmation almost instantly. They provide tools so anyone who joins their program can track and understand what the conversions.

You win a commission for each booking made from your affiliate link. You have at your disposal a rich offer of banners, unique content, and competitive prices.

This program is for those who have an online travel blog, so for example, if you`re writing about a city break in Rome you`ll include your Booking.com affiliate link that lists the best accommodation in Rome. When people will booking a room you will earn commissions.

Booking.com commissions

Stayed Bookings per MonthYour Payment From Booking.com commissions
500 or more40%


  • They offer tiered commissions when someone books a room using your blog ( the commissions are validating after 30-60 days from when a stay is complete )
  • Booking.com offers deep linking, a search box to put on your blog, and banners
  • They don`t use cookies; the commissions come from the unique affiliate link ID, that connects the blog with Booking.com. If the reservation is not realized, you won`t get anything.
  • Worldwide affiliate program
  • Booking. com pay monthly when you have $100 from commissions

    3.      TripAdvisor niche travel affiliate program

    We all know something about the Trip Advisor website, whether we come from the niche travel or just want to find out details about hotels, restaurants or flights we plan to book.

    But if it is your first time you hear about it, TripAdvisor is an American tourism website that provides travel reviews all over the world from tourist.

    How to monetize your travel blog with TripAdvisor:

    On TripAdvisor bottom homepage clicks on “Become an affiliate”, then fill their affiliate form with your blog details. They reply in a few days and you can start earning commission for free.

  • 50%-80% “click-out” commissions; the commissions will come from the visitors clicking on TripAdvisor partner links and/or ads anywhere on their website
  • Don`t need to wait for a sale to complete, you get commissions when your blog traffic click on TripAdvisor ads
  • Text links that can be converted in hyperlinks, banners, widgets,
  • High exposure with over 500,000 city, hotel pages, and more than 600 million reviews
  • It is a free worldwide affiliate travel program
  • Monthly payment

    4.      Cruise Direct

    If you have a blog on the cruise niche then Cruise Direct has an affiliate program perfect for your blog. All cruises bookings on their website have direct offers from cruise companies all over the world. Besides, Cruise Direct provides help in finding the best cabin or the most suitable holiday for your needs and budget.

    After you apply for their affiliate program you`ll get a reply in a day. They don`t have conditions on the minimum traffic generated by your website.

    As regard to their affiliate program they offer:

  • 3% commissions on a sale;
  • 45-period cookie length; if a person clicks on your link and book a cruise to the Bahamas after a month you`ll get the commission
  • Search boxes, links, and banners for your blog
  • They accept all sites, all over the world (excluding those who promote illegal content and activity)
  • Cruise Direct pays when it is a minimum $25 in your account, in 30 days after a sale is confirmed

    5.      Hotels Combined

    Hotels Combined is an online search service that instantly compares prices and availability of hotels rooms. Available in 39 languages, it searches all top hotel booking sites around the world and compares cost based on:

  • currency,
  • star rating,
  • price,
  • rating,
  • location on the map.

    This program suits perfectly for a niche travel blog. Everyone is looking to find a perfect stay for their trip, and this platform is one of the most relevant hotel comparisons out there.

    You can join their affiliate program for free here.  They approve your request almost instantly and you can monetize your travel blog by generating commissions for leads.

     Hotels Combined affiliate program:

  • $0.50 and $2.00 per lead; Every time a single visitor click, purchase or books something from one of hotels websites presented in their comparison search you get a commission
  • The commission increase if your traffic generates conversions, by booking a room
  • They track your link 365 days, so if one reader makes multiple visits you`ll continue earning commissions from one single visitor;
  • If your niche travel blog generates 300 leads on their partner hotels you`ll make $150
  • They have banners, searches boxes, text and deep links
  • It`s worldwide,
  • They pay monthly when you reach the minimum thresholds of $100  for PayPal and $500 for bank transfer



If you know others niche travel affiliate program feel free to share with others

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