5 Best Affiliate Programs Perfect To Start

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5 Best Affiliate Programs To Start

We know that the idea of earning money as an affiliate is tempting. And the more money you get for each generated sale (or even better, for each user lead, because some companies pay for bringing a person to their website), the idea of promoting those products is catching. Therefore, we have made a list of 5 top affiliate marketing programs that you should consider in your making money journey.

What do you have to do to join withi affiliate programs?

  • Sign-up for an affiliate account on sites that we mention below
  • Put affiliate links of the companies you have affiliated with, on your site or the share it in social media and start making money

Before continuing, let’s clear a few things so you don`t make the same mistakes that others have done.

  1. Do not buy through your affiliate link. They know!
  2. It is recommended for affiliate links to be placed on a site. Not in emails. Because the retailer can see easier from where come to the sale. Then the risk of cancel out your commission is lower.
  3. Read carefully the terms and conditions of the affiliate program. Even though the terms and conditions seem to be the same at all, they aren`t. Yes, it is worth reading that long and boring text.
  4. Do not expect money overnight. There are no such things on the internet that will make you rich overnight.
  5. Do not give up easily. If you are very sure of a thing, you study it and you think it will work, give it a chance, at least 90 days. But 90 days of hard work.

Amazon Associates – the most popular affiliate program


Marketing Affiliate is a useful way to make money if you have a blog or a website. Amazon affiliate program, called Amazon Associates, allows you to earn commission on purchases made from special links on your blog or site.

Create a blog/site: If you do not want to invest in a domain and hosting you also have free versions. Platforms that let you build free blogs like these ones SiteRubix, Blogger, WordPress platform.

Sign up for Amazon Associates: To be accepted into the program, you must have quality content on the site. This is a general condition for all the programs that require a website.

Amazon Affiliates pays commissions that vary by products type. Also, your advertising may increase after you’ve started redirecting more than 6 purchases per month. If 1% may seem a bit, think that Amazon is a huge market visited by millions of users every day. No matter what niche you choose, there you`ll find the right products for promoting. And if you are passionate about plumbing and want to write about this on a blog, certainly Amazon has the right product for you.

You receive a 24-hour cookie, but if someone who clicks on your link puts the product in the cart, it will extend to 90 days.
Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions have several misunderstandings, so often sites receive a ban.

Cookie24 hours
Who is it forEveryone; requires a website

Clickbank – a digital affiliate program


With a history of 20 years, Clickbank is among the first options when coming across with affiliate marketing. They have soft rules and higher commissions rate than Amazon. It’s easy to get into their program. It does not require a website, it accepts promotes through social media and other methods. They do not have such a large range of physical products. Because it is more a digital product marketplace. Also, Clickbank let sellers choose if they want to offer a lifetime cookie or not.

NicheGeneral Products, most digital
CommissionDepends on the seller 1%-75%
CookieBy default 60 days; Up to lifetime
Who is it forEveryone; no website required

JVZOO – an instant affiliate program set up


Why is Jvzoo different? In order to earn commissions from product promotion, the seller must accept your request. You need to sign-up to Jvzoo program to access these affiliates products. Then choose and sent a request to the seller. But now comes the good part, the commissions are instantly approved. Not days or months, immediately after a sale was done.

What will you promote? Apps, software, video tutorials, plugins, e-books, e-mail marketing, product development and more.

NicheMost products digital in IM Niche
CommissionDepends on the product but the average is 50%
AddressJVZoo Affiliate SignUp
Who is it forEveryone; no website required



ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network with over 4,000 advertisers, paying commission on a sale, lead. Promotional tools are: links, banners, product feeds. For most of the products the commissions are per sale, you make a sale get % from it. But ShareASale has merchants who offer commissions per lead. For every person, you lead to their site receive an amount. For example, you`ll get $.50 for every person you sent them. Requires a website and the withdraw is $50. The cookies depend on a seller, the max length of a cookie is up to 60 days. And commissions start from 5% to 80%. You`ll promote products from trusted companies, such as Rebook, Claire, NBAStore.com, mainly physical products.

NicheGeneral; Physical and Digital
CommissionDepends on the Seller
CookieDepends on the Seller
AddressShareASale Affiliate Sign Up
Who is it forEveryone; requires a website


Super MaxBounty proposes a paid challenge: for newcomers who reach $1000 in the first 3 months, MaxBounty will give a bonus of $1000 in their fourth.
MaxBounty promotes a CPA affiliate system. COST PER ACTION put it simply, is a system where you receive a commission each time you lead traffic to someone’s website and that traffic “runs” a certain action: enters an email, buys a product, fill in a form, filling a survey etc.

One thing not so good for beginners who do not have experience with affiliate programs is the admission process. MaxBounty seriously evaluates every application.

There are three things you need to keep in mind:

  • The first is the products` EPC: Earnings per click” is calculated by dividing the commission on the number of generated clicks. The EPC will also give you an estimate on how well your promotion campaign will go. For example, if you have a large number of clicks but a small number of commissions, that will mean a lower EPC. So – the higher the EPC, the better is the campaign for your site.
  • CPA rate – pay per lead: the commission you get for a certain action
  • The country where the offer appears. Some offers can only be completed in the US, others in England and others all over the world. This means that visitors to your site from that country will be able to complete that offer.

Take a look at this example: this is a campaign on MaxBounty

maxbounty-all countries


NicheBusiness, digital products
CommissionDepends on the campaign
CookieNot relevant
AddressMaxBounty Affiliate SignUp
Who is it forBeginner to Advanced level affiliates

Bonus: Udemy


Udemy is not just a useful platform for anyone who wants to learn something at a reasonable price as we speak in this article Learn with Udemy. Udemy also has a good affiliate program. Register as an affiliate, promote courses and earn a 25% commission on the course price. The price of a course starts at $10 and gets somewhere at $200. So simple and safe. And they accept promotion on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

NicheOnline learning, digital product
Commission25% of the course price
Cookie7 Days
AddressUdemy Affiliate Sign Up
Who is it forBeginner to Advanced level affiliates; no website required

These affiliate programs we talked about are among the most popular with which any newcomer should begin. Signing up for these programs is free, so you do not have to make an investment to develop a business on this model. Are among the most popular and old affiliate programs out there. Payments are made through PayPal, bank deposit or check.

And if you do not know where to start, how to do or how to continue, it’s worthwhile to start a free affiliate marketing training. You will find out that having marketing and IT knowledge is preferable but not a requirement to make money. Recommend is to sign-up for training, so you learn the basic. Wealthy Affiliate, it’s the most complex free affiliate marketing course. Plus, you can build your blog for free on their platform.


What do you think about these affiliate programs?


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