3 Things About AliExpress

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Whether you want to start earning money from dropshipping AliExpress products or just want to do shopping, here are some information you should know about this online company.

What is AliExpress?

AliExpress is an online “marketplace” that facilitates small businesses to sell to customers all over the world. The merchants, mostly from China and Asian countries sell independently their merchandise, therefore use AliExpress just as a host.

AliExpress is one of the e-commerce platforms where you can find cheap products to buy, a high number of suppliers to pick from, and low production costs.
You can find thousands of products, from toys to electronics, all the things you can imagine can be found on their website. For example, you could buy a case for iPhone 6 for $0,49 or you could buy a ceramic lotus fountain water furnishing articles for $880.
You can use it not only for personal shopping but also for making a good money. Whether you choose to buy items and then resell it for profit or use their affiliate program and earn commissions from multiple sellers.

You can read this article and find out the possibilities that AliExpress offers.


1. Purchase a product

Keep the distance from stores that have a rating below 90-92%.

If you find products that you like, do not put them directly into the shopping cart, put them on the wish list. In this way, you can see the price difference between products, and you can choose the best deal for you.

Is advisable to not purchase products that don`t have real pictures from buyers because you risk receiving products that look nothing like those on the website. Certainly always order from trustworthy sellers, read about seller’s feedback, in the annotation posted by other customers, before buying.

Look for a well-rated seller with many positive reviews and search for products that have 4 or 5 stars with real pictures attached. People that have bought a product leave comments with pictures of the products.
Though is not a rule the cheaper the product is, the lower the quality is. Therefore pay attention to the reputation that AliExpress has given to the seller, medals mean good reputation, diamonds a very good reputation or crowns excellent reputation.

Reputation is obtained from reviewing three categories, “item as described”, “communication” and “shipping speed”.

If you think that you can buy a Mac product with $1 or a Samsung at $50, well you are wrong. Everything about known and popular brands at a cheap price is fake on AliExpress.
Nevertheless, if you want to buy a brand name product find the supplier that has the badge, Guarantee Genuine, under the product description. If a product has that badge for sure the product is 100% original because AliExpress is very strict about it. If you still receive a fake product you can receive double the money you spend on the product.




2. Payment and Guarantee

AliExpress is designed to assure a safe platform for its buyers so, the seller does not receive the money for the products sold until the customer receives the product. Their AliExpress Buyer Protection has increased the trust between Chinese businesses and foreigners:

  • You did not receive your order within the period specified by the seller (a few weeks) – can request your money back; if you don`t receive your packages between 15 to 45 working days you can take action and open a dispute with the store.
  • The products you order are not as described on the website – you can ask to have fully or partially return the money. You need to have a PayPal to get your money back.
  • If a seller proposes other payment methods (via Western Union or directly to a personal account) bypassing the system offered by AliExpress, turn them down. You risk being

The easiest and safest way is to pay with a card and it is important for each order to enter the dates from your card and not to save it. Even if you have products from different sellers you can pay at the same time

3. Delivery

Do NOT confirm delivery before actually receiving it. If you do that, you will not be able to ask for your money back. The seller receives the money from AliExpress only after you give the product the OK. Ordinarily, after receiving your purchase, you have the duty to enter into your account and confirm the receipt of packages. Since AliExpress is an international trading platform, there is no legal guarantee of return or warranty. Each store defines its own warranty terms.

An interesting thing is that AliExpress don`t allow non-Chinese to sell and customers in the mainland China aren`t allowed to buy.

We hope that you learned some things reading this article, AliExpress can be a great online marketplace if you use it correctly. Notwithstanding it can be your hopeful ally in online shopping or your partner in a business. This platform is no more dangerous than buying from eBay or Amazon.

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  1. I am so happy that I read this! I saw this beautiful, watch that I was going to purchase at $200. I can’t even imagine how catastrophe would have been for me if i was losing my money! Thanks for this!

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