3 Internet Scams – Be Nobody`S Fool

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The biggest internet scams can have the most various forms! Find out which are the most common, to know how to protect yourself!
Ponzi schemes and pyramid systems have recently moved over the Internet. Whether they work in the form of PTCs, HYIPs, MLMs, or other forms, these systems try to take advantage of people’s naivety and greed.

In order not to be the victim of these scams, you need to be well informed, and most important: be skeptical about an opportunity that sounds too good to be real.

More and more scams of the type you get enriched overnight online are taking place on the internet. Many people fall into scams as proof these systems still exist in the online market. This means that they work on enough people that it remains possible.

The existence of these kinds of scams is one of the reasons why most people still have the impression that it is impossible to make money online.

We want to change this mentality, which is why we will introduce here the most popular scams of online and how to protect yourself from them.

Pyramid Scheme

Pyramid systems look like Ponzi schemes, is also structured as a pyramid, but have a special feature. To win from them, you have to recruit other people. For example, to get into such a system you have to invest $ 10 and you will get $ 90 if you bring another 10 people who also invest $ 10.

They will also recruit, but the system will not go to infinity because the number of people who can sign up is finite. Thus, there will be few at the top of the pyramid, who will win and militate at the base of the pyramid, who will lose.internet scams

An example of a pyramid scheme: Gold Line International System. You need to invest $ 55, then invite another 5 people to sign up (you can invite as many as you want, but they give an example to only 5 people). These 5 people are going to invite another 5 people each, and so on. Each of the new members will have to pay $ 55 for registration, some of that money returning to you. By their correct calculations, they claim that your final earnings will be over $ 1 million, with an initial investment of only $ 55.

 It’s incredible, but a lot of people are falling into this scam.

More than 1 million accounts worldwide have been registered in this system in 2012. That means more than a million people have lost $ 55 because of this scam.

After you pay and get access to their system, quickly you will find out the truth. To gain any amount of money with Gold Line, first, you must produce that amount for them.

That means you have to advertise them and bring a lot of people to pay the $ 55 in turn, and then you can only get a payment from them. Basically, it forces you to make more people drown if you want a penny.

Ponzi Schemesinternet-scams-ponzi-scheme

Ponzi schemes are pyramid schemes that promise big gains in a short time. They present the most credible ways of multiplying money to attract investors, but what seems too good to be true, often it is.

It often comes as a sales letter or a video designed to show you how to make a lot of quick money with a very low investment. A Ponzi scheme will always sound too good at the beginning to be true.

If you pay an enrollment fee of $20, you will get much more money in a short and guaranteed time!

Ponzi schemes pay their old members with the money of new entrants. Everything works well for a while and the first investors are able to recover their investment and even make a profit. But at some point, no new money will go into the system and everything collapses.

Get Rich Quick – Earn Over $ 1000 monthly giving clicks for 30 minutes per day

Refer to paid-to-click (PTC) services, paid to click on ads and you can make money from them, like maybe some pocket money. The problem is that those who make silly clicks on ads don`t make $1000 online.get-rich-quick-scam

Profit goes to those who promote such a site. For every click someone gives on an ad, the money coming from that click goes in two directions. Some of them go to the one who clicks, and the other part of the money goes automatically to the one who persuaded him to register. Based on this system, those who bring a lot of people to a PTC site get to earn money even without clicking on themselves.

Keep in mind that earning a sustainable income online requires time, effort and commitment. It requires investment, but it also requires knowledge and a level of intelligence. There are many other online business training programs from which you can learn and gain money online.

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