2Captcha Review – Is It Worth Your Time?

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Are you typing correctly and quickly captcha codes? 2Captcha is a website that offers an online job as a data entry worker. You make money simply by typing quickly the Captcha codes listed. Sound`s easy? Let`s see if this website is legitim and if it helps you make some money online.

What is 2Captcha?

2Captcha is a workforce management company designed to meet properly companies` demands requiring computer data entry or data entry services.
Companies need to translate data from scanned documents into digitally editable documents and need people to do that for a small price. In 2Captcha, they use, in particular, data entry as captcha/ReCaptcha codes.

We all know what the captcha codes are, we meet them every time we want to log in or send a message to a website. But they are not just antispam codes invented to keep a site, or an email address, safe.
How typing these captcha codes cost us 10 seconds of our time, it was searched a solution to get a useful thing from this wasted time. So, ReCaptcha appeared.

ReCaptcha implies a text made up of two words. The first word is generated randomly and is, in fact, for spam control, and the second word comes from a scanned document and whose text was deformed when scanning was attempted to translate it digitally.


Website: https://2captcha.com/
Owner: not known
Price: Free to join
Accepted countries: Worldwide
Potential income: $0.25-$0.60 per 1000/Captcha or $1 per 1000/ReCaptcha
Legit: Let`s see

What does work for 2Captcha mean?

All you need to be able to work on such sites is a computer with an Internet connection and the ability to write at least 10 words per minute. Once you’ve signed up, you find in your account all the information you need to make mistakes. We advise you to be rested and clear when you begin to get your papers. If you have mistaken the codes too many times your account can be permanently banned. Exactly 5 mistakes per 100 captchas get your account (including account money) suspended until an operator reviews your “work”.

Before starting the “job” they ask you to complete a training step; they will teach some tips on how to type correctly.

Note!! Don`t underestimate the Captcha codes, it took us 20 min to complete the test with 41 images codes. Computer programs are constantly improving, which makes ReCaptchas codes more and more complicated even for people. That’s why you need to be fresh when you start working.

The loading time between codes is very slow, it`s not an internet problem more likely their problem. There are many complaints about that issues.

You may see below how a 2captcha code looks like:


2Captcha and the dream of making money online

Workers from all countries are accepted, and payment is made at 1000 typed words. For 1000 captcha codes you get $0.25-$0.60 and $1 per 1000/ ReCaptcha pictures.withdraw-2captcha

Once you have signed up, you also get an affiliate link, through which you can develop a small network. You get a commission of 10% of your earnings’ referrals.

Let`s do a little math….

We typed approximately 40 codes in 20 minutes. At this rate, with the loading rate of the page, 1000 codes will have to be completed in about 8 hours. So, after 8 hours we only have $1. This means to waste time. Besides, there is the possibility of mistaking and losing a few hours of “work”. Sometimes the codes are hard to read so it is inevitable not to make mistakes. Their policy to suspend an account is pretty tough. Even if you recover your account with a request is quite disappointing.

Not to mention the time you wait between entering the codes … it’s a waste of time.

Is it legit?

If we talk about payments and seriousness, 2Captcha is a legitimate website, they pay the withdrawals.

Is 2Captcha Worth? No, payments are insignificant for your work, you’re struggling to withdraw $1. Those who say they earn $3 a day with this method is just lying, to promote their reference system. So, it’s not a scam, you do not pay to work and they don`t cheat with wages.

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