11 Tips for Choosing the Right Web Hosting Provider

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Choosing a professional company that will offer you reliable hosting services, can be a quite a difficult decision. If you are a beginner or if you already had some less pleasant experiences, this article is for you.
It helps you understand the importance of some basic issues when you start looking for hosting package.

Let’s see what are the factors that you should keep in mind when you’re looking for a web hosting provider for your website.

What does a  reliable web hosting provider do?

After choosing the website name the next logical step is to buy a domain and find web hosting provider.
Hosting means – in short – that someone will keep on its server all the files of which is composed your blog: posts, images, pdf, any videos.
The explanation is a bit more complicated, but you don’t need to understand perfectly how the technical system works.
Simplifying, if you’re typing a document to your PC you will need to save it to the hard disk of your computer so you could access it later.

In the case of a blog, all your articles have to be saved somewhere online in order to be available 24 hours a day to readers who access your blog.

You can buy your domain from anywhere it does not really matter, but with the hosting it’s different.
A hosting company that doesn`t offer support, especially if you are a beginner is not worth your money!
You need serious people to provide you with quality services.  So you can offer your readers a very functional, fast loading and not dangerous site

Which is the best?  What criteria should it meet?  How much should You pay?

You will not be able to find the right web hosting if you do not know what you need. If you have a list already made with hosting companies, forget it for a moment and think about what your needs.

What type of website do you build?

Do you need Windows applications?

How do those who provide web hosting behave with customers?

What does the purchased hosting package include?

These are some of the basic questions you have to ask. Make a plan, think about what you want to do, and try to figure out what can happen in 12 months. You can check what hosting company a website has, by using WhoIsHostingThis, thereby you can compare the data with your information found on the internet to have a clear view.

What to look for when choosing a reliable web hosting company

VPS Hosting vs. Shared Dedicated Hosting


First of all, you must understand that there are 2 versions of web hosting available out of which to choose: Virtual Private Server (server dedicated or your own) and Shared Dedicate.

VPS hosting, in simple words it assumes that you have a server of your own of whose resources you have as you want.
Server resources are determinate by the web hosting package you choose to buy.
You guess, more you pay, more resources you have, you pay less … it’s obvious you have less.
The beautiful part is that on such a virtual private server you can you run the rigs without bothering others.
This type of hosting is great because it is more flexible and configurations are similar to a dedicated server

Shared Hosting assumes that your site will be on a server with other sites where resources are shared.

You only have access to your hosting account in the allocated space and not to the entire server.
The good part is that it is cheap and if you are in the beginning you do not need many resources.
Anyway, the server is preconfigured with the most important options and comes packaged with maintenance and security updates.
The tricky part is to choose a serious web hosting company that does not have problems with the server. Otherwise, your site will have problems and you will start using more resources than you are assigned by the server. This will allow your company to put down your website.

PHP and more

When choosing a hosting company, you need to see if the following things are offered: PHP, SSI, FTP, .htaccess, MySQL, crontabs, SSH and Perl. Usually, they are included in the package and you will not need pre-approval.
But you can also wake up in situations where some commercial hosting providers do not authorize the installation of PHP or Perl scripts without their approval.

Better to keep an eye out so you do not wake up in a situation where you cannot access or adjust your files.

.Htaccess is important when you want to customize your error pages or secure your website in a various way. SSH access is useful for testing different programs, maintaining the databases. MySQL is essential for maintaining blogs, particular, their content management system.

Make sure that all these facilities will be provided to you


The bandwidth refers to the amount of data your site transfers on a month when someone visits your website.

A blog with few visitors needs a minimum bandwidth while a corporate website requires a much larger bandwidth.

Even if most companies are claiming to have “unlimited bandwidth”, look carefully at the terms and conditions of the package you want to purchase.
Most likely, this is a lie: nobody gives you unlimited access to its resources and the term “unlimited” is just a marketing strategy.

In addition, do not allow their promises of huge bandwidth to tempted, because your site will usually not be able to use this offer due to other limitations, such as those related to resources.
This saves money and purchases a reasonable bandwidth, according to your future needs of the website.

However, any hosting plan can be updated later. If you think about it, disk space and bandwidth hardly matter these days. Images can be stored on Flickr, videos on YouTube, large data files (doc/pdf) on DropBox, Drive.

Disk space- RAM

In case of the disk space offered by a hosting company, the story is almost the same as the bandwidth when you receive “unlimited” offers.

Many basic websites,  that do not incorporate music or video files in their post, do not need huge disk space.

Therefore, if you are given 100 GB, don`t fall for it – you will pay in vain, at least at the beginning. Normally, new websites (which do not have video or music) need less than 20 MB, so even if a hosting company tempts you with 100 GB or unlimited space, be aware that you are unlikely to enjoy all this space. Disk space can be increased when you need it, so when you decide, you can switch to another hosting plan.

In conclusion, do not leave an offer that sounds too good to stay in the way of other suitable alternatives.
Technical support

From experience, we can tell you that this aspect is very important, make sure you host it on a company that provides technical support 24/24. You can also use Google to check what their other clients say about them.
Read reviews, and learn about other people’s experiences with that company.

 Instant support, from people who understand that you are a novice in IT and are ready to assist you quickly, also speaking in a civilized tone, is essential.

Given that the Internet is running 24/7, problems should be settled as soon as possible by a well-trained team, 24/7.


A site must be reliable and must guarantee that it is online and functional almost nonstop.

Why do we say “almost”?

Because no host will guarantee that within one month you will have 100% the website standing online. There are server maintenance work (which is usually done at night) and will put your website on the ground for short periods.

 Never host a domain on a provider that does not guarantee you at least 99% of the time online.

In addition, you can check your domain for free on the Uptime Robot, where you will be given notifications about the period when your site was not working.

Secure server

Moreover, if your site sells products online, you need an SSL hosting a secure server. A hosted website on an SSL address starts with https: //, instead of the simple http://.
An SSL server is usually included in a more expensive package, but it is good to consider whether you have this option, even if you do not want it at first.

Forward mail, auto-responding, POP3, and e-mail

If you purchased a domain, then you would be able to set your own email addresses, like user@domain.com. Check if that hosting company allows you to set up emails on your domain and that those addresses will benefit from all the facilities needed for a complete service. You will not find this often as a problem, but it’s good to keep in mind.

Web Server and the operating system

Most people choose a hosting company that offers a Unix operating system (Linux, OpenBSD, Free BSD) put on an Apache web server. Most of the software that will work with are compatible with these operating systems. You will want to use a Windows server only if you are running a Windows-specific program such as ASP.


Not always the most expensive hosting packages are the best.

That’s why you need to know from the beginning, exactly what you want and go for the rule that if you need more, you will upgrade.

And also, a low-price hosting is usually cheap for a good reason.

It does not help you have 500 people a day if you are on the server with another 100 sites and it takes two minutes to load your page.
However, if you start working with a hosting company you have not collaborated before, it is advisable you pay monthly. You want to make sure you are satisfied with their services before paying a whole year.

Backup website

There are situations in which a website can stop working. There are many things that could happen, a hacker access your index.php file or even the server may have a critical crash.
If your web host regularly backs up the site, then you have nothing to worry about when these incidents occur. The web hosting provider will be able to restrict the entire website (or at least a large part of it) in the shortest time.

There are some questions that you should ask your hosting company:

Does it provide full backups on a regular basis?
Is it easy to back up through control panel?
 Automatically back up or you need other programs?
Can you restore the files yourself?
Bonus: Suspended Account

Web Hosting companies will suspend your account if you use too many CPU resources (yes, unlimited hosting is not unlimited) or you are violating their rules. Before choosing a web hosting provider, it’s important to read the rules and know your limits.

Why read the hosting company’s TOS?

Knowing your account limits helps you understand two things: how generous (or stingy) a hosting company is and how transparent is the hosting company?

Normally a reliable hosting provider will have clear instructions regarding a suspended account.

It’s not about finding the best hosting in the world but finding the hosting service that suits your needs. You can take a look at the hosting offered by Wealthy Affiliate. What Wealthy Affiliate offers extra are the step-by-step training on how to create your own website, how to get traffic on that website and how to make money from it. You can rely entirely on their hosting for your website, especially if you are at the beginning and want to create an online business from scratch.

We hope this article will help you choose the right web hosting provider for your business. If you have any other questions you can leave them in the section below


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